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In the heart of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Swisscom, a leading telecommunications and IT company, recognized the need to rejuvenate its career page.

This strategic move aimed not just to showcase employment opportunities but to magnetize global talent, thereby enriching its workforce with diverse and skilled individuals.

Entrusted with this pivotal mission, Taikonauten stepped forward, blending innovation, strategy, and user-centric design to transform Swisscom's career portal into a dynamic digital ecosystem.

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Swisscom revolutionazing career portals

Connecting with a global workforce!

Swisscom's challenge was twofold: to captivate a global audience while communicating its values, culture, and opportunities in an authentic, engaging manner.

The existing career page did not fully encapsulate the vibrancy and opportunities Swisscom offers, nor did it leverage the potential to reach and resonate with the global talent pool.

Therefore, it was up to us to explore and analyse how to reach that talent and to do so we needed to look at the bigger picture, we needed to analyse the entire Candidate Journey, from start to finish.

“We’ve developed a comprehensive ‘Candidate Journey’ that highlights all relevant phases of the applicant journey from start to finish.”

Florian Lenz
Lead UX, Taikonauten

A deep dive with IT professionals and industry leaders

We conducted qualitative interviews with IT professionals currently in a job application phase: How do they proceed in their job search? What is important to them in a company? What positive or negative experiences have they had in application processes so far? Additionally, we interviewed the former CEO of Porsche Switzerland about application processes in Switzerland.

Furthermore, we received feedback on the current Swisscom career page to validate its pain points with real users.

Swisscom revolutioniert Karriereportale

A portal that speaks to aspirations

Taikonauten embarked on a journey with Swisscom, guided by the principles of User-Centered Design and armed with the latest in digital innovation.

The new career page was envisioned as more than just a listing of job openings; it was to be a window into life at Swisscom, a testament to its commitment to innovation, diversity, and employee development.

Swisscom revolutionazing career portals

Key features that define a career page experience

A Narrative That Resonates: Through captivating storytelling, the career page illuminates Swisscom’s values, culture, and the impact its work has on the world, making every visitor feel a sense of belonging and aspiration.

Intuitive Design and User Experience: Adopting a mobile-first approach, the site offers seamless navigation, ensuring that every potential candidate, regardless of their location, has an optimal experience.

Interactive Opportunities: Beyond listing job openings, the platform engages visitors with insights into Swisscom’s innovative projects, team dynamics, and growth opportunities, inviting them to envision their future with the company.

A global talent magnet!

Swisscom's revamped career page attracted 700+ new employees globally, fueling innovation and reinforcing its industry leadership. This success embodies Taikonauten's mission: crafting digital solutions that connect, inspire, and transform lives worldwide.

Swisscom revolutionazing career portals

Award winning design

Taikonauten celebrates winning the "Agency Award International" at the Potentialpark Awards with Swisscom.

This accolade recognizes our excellence in crafting engaging, user-friendly recruiting experiences. Our innovative approach, featuring "coffee dates" and "skill checks" on Swisscom's career site, reflects our commitment to user-centered design and digital innovation.

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